Business Claims in South Florida

Business claims are tricky claims.  If your business has suffered a fire or water loss, has been burglarized, or has suffered any type of insurance related damage, you need experts like Florida Loss to help you recovery for all your losses.  We’ll not only work to get you paid for the physical property damage, but also your content loss and your loss of use.  Having to close your doors for repairs is usually covered by your carrier.  We’ll navigate through your policy and through the claims process to ensure your are properly paid.  This frees up your time so you can focus on getting your property fixed and getting your doors reopened!

When a national pizza chain had a dozen stores hit by Hurricane Wilma, they contacted Florida Loss to handle their insurance claim for each property.  They were more than pleased with the insurance settlement we secured for each store, and they were free from the hassle of having to deal with the numerous adjusters and site visits needed to settle those claims.  They had many other unaffected locations that needed their attention, and they were free to conduct business as usual because they weren’t bogged down from the hassle of handling multiple insurance claims.  We’ve handled pizza chains, chicken chains, standalone restaurants, and many other type of business claim.  Let us help you too!

Was your business impacted by an insurance loss caused by any of the following?

  • Fire / Smoke
  • Water leak (pipe burst, sewer lines, A/C leaks, etc)
  • Wind (such as a tornado, tropical storm, a hurricane, etc.)
  • Flood
  • Mold
  • Broken tile (in common areas)
  • Burglary / Vandalism
  • Or any other structural damage


  • Do you have a business interruption loss?
  • Did you have a recent business claim that you feel was underpaid?
  • Do you think the insurance company wrongfully denied your business claim?

Call your South Florida Public Adjusting Team!

It’s important to know that insurance companies are real businesses, with real profits and losses. When it comes to Business Claims, insurance companies may opt to repair damaged flooring as opposed to having it completely replaced.  Let Florida Loss Public Adjusters represent you and get you what you deserve!  Remember, NO RECOVERY, NO FEE, so you have NOTHING to lose.