How long do Insurance Carriers have to pay a property claim?

The State of Florida gives all carriers the luxury of paying an Undisputed Amount in no more than 90 days.  That means you may wait 3 months to get a check for your claim, and that check is what the carrier thinks they should pay.  So, if you have a small water leak, you can expect a long wait time for your check.

What will happen if the carrier doesn’t pay the undisputed amount in 3 months?  Nothing really, you will just be entitled to receive interest on the money they owe you.

Doesn’t seem fair that insurance companies want their money on time, but then take their time to reimburse you for a claim.


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About the author

Mike McManigal has been a Public Adjuster in Florida since early 2004. My first storm experience came in August of 2004 when Hurricane Charley hit Punta Gorda, Florida. Since then, I've handled many storm related claims including Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi, Hurricane Ike claims in Galveston Texas, and numerous Florida storms like Hurricane Wilma/Francis/Jeanne. From commercial to residential, and from storm claims to fire and water claims, I have ample adjusting experience. I represent YOU, the policy holder. My goal is to get you every penny you deserve for your claim.