New Insurance Claims

New Property Insurance Claim?  Call us first, don’t handle your insurance claim alone!  Let Florida Loss Public Adjusters handle your claim from start to finish.  We’ll report your claim, meet with the insurance company adjuster at your property, estimate your claim, and negotiate a favorable settlement.  We have extensive knowledge of how the claims process works and of what it will take to help you paid for your claim loss.  We serve clients throughout all of our South Florida communities, and even service the entire State for larger losses.

The moment you notice fire, water, or other type of property damage, your first thought might be to call your insurance company.  Call US First!  We’ll take the time to explain your rights, what you should do, and what you shouldn’t do or say while placing a claim.  We’re insurance claim experts representing you, the policyholder.  Our goal is to make sure your claim is processed timely, and that you get the maximum settlement for your claim.  While you might think your carrier will treat you fairly, our goal is to ensure that happens.  Take a look through our client testimonials and see what our clients had to say!


Insurance new claim form information

The experts at Florida Loss Public Adjusters Inc. will handle your property insurance claim for you from start to finish working until to get the settlement you deserve


We’ll call in your claim, set up appointments, and meet your insurance adjuster to explain/discuss your loss, and create an estimate of damages.  We’ll then negotiate your claim until we get the settlement you deserve.  We handle all types of Property Losses:

  • Fire / Smoke
  • Water Leak (water lines, pipe burst, sewer lines, cast-iron pipe breaks, A/C leak, automatic sprinkler, or even multi-floor water damage)
  • Wind (such as a tropical storm, a Hurricane, a tornado, etc.)
  • Flood
  • Burglary
  • Mold
  • Broken tile (in common areas)
  • Sinkhole
  • Loss of Use / Business Interruption
  • Denied Claims
  • Or any other structural damage