Universal Property Insurance Antics

We’ve several very interesting things while handling claims from Universal property.

  1. They ALWAYS ask our client for a recorded statement.  Sometimes these questions ask if your in financial trouble, or if you’ve had a DUI.  Not sure what a DUI has to do with a claim, or why it is any of their business, but it appears to be intimidating.
  2. They ALWAYS send a document asking for multiple items.  We’ve seen them ask for as many as 17 items.  Surely they should get many of the items requested, but it appears to be a daunting task and some policyholders might view it as ‘too much trouble’ and walk away from the claim.
  3. The State of Florida gives insurance companies up to 90 days to pay an undisputed payment.  In our opinion, Universal seems to run right up to the 90 day statute, which means you may wait 3 months just to see an undisputed amount.
  4. I almost EVERY SINGLE CLAIM we have with Universal, they send our clients a letter that states, “We have been unsuccessful in reaching you and/or your public adjuster”.  This could not be further than the truth, as we not only provide them promptly with the documents they ask for, but always answer our phone, or at least call back within an hour.  Sending out this pre-popluated letter, in our eyes, is meant to discredit the public adjuster.

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About the author

Mike McManigal has been a Public Adjuster in Florida since early 2004. My first storm experience came in August of 2004 when Hurricane Charley hit Punta Gorda, Florida. Since then, I've handled many storm related claims including Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi, Hurricane Ike claims in Galveston Texas, and numerous Florida storms like Hurricane Wilma/Francis/Jeanne. From commercial to residential, and from storm claims to fire and water claims, I have ample adjusting experience. I represent YOU, the policy holder. My goal is to get you every penny you deserve for your claim.