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If you’ve experienced a house fire, then you how scary it can be. All you worry about is making sure your family gets out safely. You rescue your pets and feel thankful that nobody was hurt. Then you start to mentally determine how many of your belongings were damaged or destroyed in the fire. Some of these things can be replaced. For example, if the fire damaged your television, you can get a new TV. If your furniture was burned beyond repair, you can always get new furniture.

The problem isn’t in figuring out how to replace their items. The problem is that your fire insurance company may not approve your claim. Or they insist that your items were worth a lot less than what you think. There’s no way you can replace the items for the amounts the insurance company says they’ll pay.

If this happens to you, it’s a good idea to call a fire damage adjuster in Florida. They can look at your damaged items and help figure out what they’re really worth. Then, they can help you fight the insurance company to get the payment you deserve.

Why Would the Insurance Company Doubt the Value of Your Damaged Items?

Insurance companies don’t make money by paying out every claim that comes across their desks. They may pay part of your claim, but they will certainly disagree on how much your claim is really worth. For example, they may say your couch was worth $300 but you know it will cost $1,400 to replace. They argue that the couch was three years old. The problem is, you can’t buy a new couch for $300. That means you’ll have to pay the difference of $1,100.

If you have an experienced fire damage adjuster in Florida, they can help get you closer to the real value of the couch. They can do this for most items that you’re disputing with the insurance company. Fire damage adjusters know how the insurance companies work because most of them worked for the same companies before. This is why it’s a good idea to call and have them come out and give you a free estimate. They can review your claim and let you know how much they think it’s really worth.

(954) 430-7333