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You come back home and find it vandalized. Broken windows and doors, damage to your furniture and wall. After the first wave of shock, you prepare to call your insurance company. You need to notify them that you will be filing a claim. At the same time, you should call a Florida public adjuster to help you prepare your claim, evaluate your damages and obtain a fair payout, covering all your losses.

Vandalism claims pose special difficulties, especially if you have a vacation home in Florida. However, even for full-time residents the path to getting a claim approved and paid in full is long and full of obstacles.

What Makes Vandalism Claims Especially Difficult to Settle?

An experienced Florida public adjuster knows that insurers are never keen on paying claims. Their adjusters are trained to look for any little issue, from using an older claim form to forgetting to specify the correct date and time when you discovered the damage.

With vandalism claims, many things can go wrong. Did you report the incident to the police? Did you start straightening out furniture and decorations before documenting the damages? Is there any chance you forgot a window open? Did you give vandals a free entrance into your home?

Reasons to Have a Florida Public Adjuster Working for You

Although the rate of property crimes across Florida has decreased during the last year and is below the national average, according to an FBI report, you may find yourself the victim of vandalism. Itt may be someone with a grudge against you. Or a burglar may be trying to disguise their theft into a vengeful action.

Whatever the causes, an act of vandalism can leave your home in tatters. And you do not even know where to start evaluating your damages. In your heightened emotional state, you are in no position to set an accurate monetary value on each destroyed item. A Florida public adjuster can perform this difficult task with complete professionalism and without leaving out any type of damage.

A Special Note Concerning Vacation Homes

One of the issues you should be aware of is that your home insurance in Florida does not cover vandalism in vacation homes which are unoccupied for more than 30 to 60 consecutive days. For this reason, you should always look at your insurance policy carefully in order to know exactly what is included in it.

In any situation, you should always hire a Florida public adjuster to advise you. We work on a contingency fee basis – meaning that we get paid after we win your claim payout. Get in touch with us as soon as possible after you discovered your home vandalized and let us help you negotiate your insurance claim!

(954) 430-7333