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Many older Florida homes still have cast iron pipes. As we discussed in a previous blog post, when one of these pipes starts leaking, homeowners have a hard time getting a fair compensation from their insurance company. This is why you should ask a Florida public adjuster help you prepare, file and negotiate your claim.

But why does Florida have a widespread problem with leaky cast iron pipes? In this article, we want to help you understand why cast iron was such a popular material for making pipes. Also, we will detail the major issues with these pipes.

What Is Cast Iron and Why Was It So Frequently Used?

According to Britannica, cast iron is an alloy of iron, with a higher concentration of carbon than steel (between 2% and 4%). It also contains silicon and manganese and impurities (sulfur and phosphorus).

The main advantage of cast iron is that it can be quickly cast into any mold in order to make various objects, from frying pans to pipes. Thus, during the 1960s and 1970s, it was the go-to material for building the water and sewage infrastructure across the US. And, as any Florida public adjuster can attest to, it was also the most popular piping material the state of Florida, as well.

The Downside to Using Cast Iron

So far, using cast iron seems sensible. It is easy to make into any object and speed is essential in the booming US economy. But, as your Florida public adjuster can point out, there is a big problem with this type of piping: they start breaking down with alarming frequency.

For one, they have reached the end of their lifespan – 50 years. That is one issue with cast iron: its useful life is half the lifespan of PVC (100 years). The second, and bigger problem, stems from its very composition: the high percentage of carbon makes cast iron pipes brittle.

Also, when a Florida public adjuster handled cases of flooding caused by cast iron pipes, most of these showed signs of advanced corrosion.

Ask a Florida Public Adjuster to Help You!

As an increasing number of Floridians start filing claims for cast iron pipes, insurance companies are trying to limit the amount of money they pay by denying or undervaluing claims.

You have the right to get a fair payout, covering all the damages you sustained. Contact a Florida public adjuster to evaluate your losses and help you file and negotiate your insurance claim!

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