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Experiencing a house fire is one of the worst tragedies a person can deal with. It’s not enough that you’ve lost everything. But then the insurance company adds insult to injury when they deny your claim. They may argue that your property wasn’t really damaged. Or, worse yet, they may claim that the fire was caused by arson. If this is the case, you’re going to need to call a Florida fire damage public adjuster.

An allegation of arson shouldn’t be made unless there are significant facts to back it up. Not only would the insurance company need to prove it was arson, but they’d also have to prove you were involved. Otherwise, why shouldn’t you be reimbursed for any damages you suffer?

This is when a private fire damage public adjuster in Florida can help. They know how insurance companies operate. And, they know how to negotiate with the insurance companies. They may be able to get paid for your claim.

Why Would the Insurance Company Claim it Was Arson?

There are all sorts of reasons why an insurance company would deny your claim. Arson is one of them. Almost all insurance policies have a clause that prohibits payment in the event of arson. Sadly, they usually prevent payment even if the arson was committed by someone other than the homeowner.

They may argue it was arson because they can’t pinpoint the actual cause of the fire. For example, they may think an accelerator was used but can’t prove it. Or, they’re just fishing for a reason to deny your claim. If this happens, make sure you call a fire damage public adjuster in Florida.

Your Fire Damage adjuster May Be Able to Negotiate Payment

Just because the insurance company initially denied your claim doesn’t mean it won’t be paid. You may need to let your fire damage public adjuster work their magic. They can appeal your claim and show that the fire damage was the result of natural causes. Or, they can at least demand that the insurance company prove that it was indeed arson. Either way, they’ll have a much better shot at getting your claim paid. Call today and schedule your free estimate.

(954) 430-7333