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My business partner and I recently suffered extensive damage at our motel due to a fire. I’ve been told insurance won’t cover it because it was caused by a guest. I can’t imagine that is true. Can a Florida public adjuster help at all? We just know don’t where else to turn.

I’ve Been Told I’m on My Own and Nobody Can Help

South Florida fire damage adjusters hear that often. A business owner calls their insurance agent for general liability insurance and are told they’re on their own. That’s when you need to call an experienced South Florida public adjuster. While we can never make a guarantee, we can review your policies and see if any of them should cover the damage. You have to get us a copy of your various insurance policies to which ones should cover and which one make things difficult for you. 

I Suffered Thousands of Dollars in Damage

If you did suffer a fire at your hotel, you more than likely suffered thousands of dollars in damage. Your fire damage adjuster can look at your location and give you a better idea of how much your claim should be. If the claim is denied, then your florid public adjuster will have to help you file an appeal. Once the insurance company realizes you have hired an adjuster, they may change their tune At least they won’t try to take vantage of you. They also realize that your Florida fire damage adjuster will assess the damage and have someone apprise the items you lost in the fire.

What Can a South Florida Commercial Adjuster Do?

Your South Florida commercial adjuster can review your fire policy. They can also look at your general liability insurance policy. You have to have coverage. You wouldn’t have gotten your certificate of occupancy without. They’ll work on getting your claim bad so you can start making repairs to your hotel. You’ll want to track the money you lose on  not being able to rent the damage room. You may be entitled to funds to redecorate the room, so it matches the other. It will depend on how many rooms were damaged in the fire,

What you should do is call our office and talk to a fire damage specialist. They’ll come out to your motel and help you assess the damage.  

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