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Do you have constant problems with sinks and toilets backing up? Or do you get dirty water every time you want to take a shower? A Florida public adjuster can explain why this happens and how to deal with this issue.

If your home in Florida was built before 1975, chances are that you have cast iron pipes underneath it. These pipes were used to drain wastewater from homes. However, their lifespan is 50 years and this means that they have exceeded it already.  Thus, they are breaking down and homeowners have to suffer the consequences

What Happens If You Submit a Claim to Your Insurer?

You believe that your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover these damages and even help you get those pipes replaced. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Insurance companies are fighting to get this type of claims dismissed.

Why? Firstly, because they are a for-profit company and their best interests are to minimize the amounts they pay. Secondly, the issue of old and broken down cast iron pipes is widespread throughout the state of Florida.

Actually, many insurance companies have started excluding this issue from the list of covered events. Thus, your best hope for recovery of your financial losses is to hire a Florida public adjuster.

A Florida Public Adjuster Is an Insurance Expert Working for You

As you may have already experienced in the past, you have little to no say once the insurance company made a decision. You may accept their quotation or spend time and money in fruitless attempts to get a reassessment.

This is why a Florida public adjuster is the most valuable ally on your side in such a situation. Public adjusters have the same training and experience as insurance adjusters. However, they are working for you, with the goal of maximizing your final amount paid.

We Take Stress Off Your Shoulder and Handle Your Claim

Having to clean your house after a major wastewater overflow is stressful enough for you and your family. You should not have to worry even more, not knowing whether you are getting paid the fair value of your damage.

Once you hire a Florida public adjuster, you do not have to worry about this issue. We will examine your insurance policy and give you a fair and honest estimate of what you may recover.

We will also prepare and file your claim on your behalf and notify your insurer that they will be dealing with us. An experienced public adjuster will conduct the negotiations on your behalf and notify you when we have reached a satisfactory settlement.

Let a Florida Public Adjuster Help You!

An experienced Florida public adjuster can ensure that you are paid on time and in sufficient amount to replace cast iron pipes with new ones. We do not ask you to pay any upfront fees – we will get our payment as a percentage of the settlement we win for you.

Do not wait until another backing sink ruins your home – call us to get a free estimate!

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