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After a hurricane in Florida, you’re going to have a lot of cleanup to do. Not only will you have a physical mess to deal with. You’re also going to have to take the time to file a claim with your insurance company. This sounds a lot easier than it really is. When you file your claim, you’re going to have to list all of the things damaged in the hurricane. If you miss something or undervalue any of the items, you won’t get paid the money you deserve.

This is why it’s a good idea to hire a Florida public adjuster. They’ll come out to your house and assess the damage. A public adjuster will let you know what you can include and what you can’t include. They’ll also let you know how much each item is worth. If need be, your hurricane damage public adjuster in Florida can hire an appraiser to come out to your property. They’ll do what it takes to get you as much money as possible.

You Can’t Make Money on an Insurance Claim

You can’t expect to make money on a hurricane damage insurance claim. The goal of paying for insurance is to reimburse you for losses suffered in a natural disaster. You don’t hire a Florida public adjuster to make extra money on your claim. Their mission is to make sure your claim is handled properly. They’ll also negotiate with the insurance company to get you as much money as possible. However, they can only get you money for losses you’ve actually suffered. Some people will tell you that public adjusters can get you more than you’re entitled to. It doesn’t work that way in Florida. You can only get compensation for property that was ruined or damaged.

Call a Florida Public adjuster and Schedule a Free Estimate

You don’t have to decide right away if you want to hire a Florida public adjuster after a hurricane. You can meet with them and receive your free estimate. If you find that the insurance company isn’t going to play fair, then you really should hire a hurricane damage public adjuster in Florida. This way, you know your claim will be handled properly. You’ll also have the best odds of getting the money you deserve. Call our office today and schedule your free estimate.

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