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When you have a flood in your home, the last thing you should have to worry about is the insurance company. If you’ve paid all your premiums, the right thing to do would be to pay your claim. Unfortunately, there are times when the insurance company feels that your claim isn’t worth the amount you submitted on your claim. They may feel that you inflated the value of some or all of your possessions. Or they doubt that the damage was caused by the flooding. The good news is that an experienced public adjuster in Florida can help you appeal your claim. They’ll find out why your claim was underpaid and what they can do to negotiate payment of the remainder.

How Can You Tell if Your Insurance Claim Has Been Underpaid?

When you submit your insurance claim, it’s for the purpose of being reimbursed for lost and damages items. When the forms ask for the value of these damaged and destroyed possession, you give what you believe is the fair market value. When the insurance adjuster reviews your claim, they agree to pay it. However, they discount your claim by 20% because they think you inflated the value of your items. You aren’t sure what to do. You did what they asked and provided the value for all of items affected by the flooding. Now to refuse to pay your claim in total. So, you call an experienced water damage adjuster in Florida.

Your Public Adjuster in Florida Can Have an Appraisal Done

After you show your Florida public adjuster a copy of your claim paperwork, they can get started on your appeal. They’ll look at all the property damaged or destroyed by the water. They’ll compare their own appraisal values against the values assigned by the insurance company. They’ll then call and try to negotiate a voluntary payment of your claim. If this isn’t possible, they may advise you to take further legal action.

Contact an Experienced Florida Public Adjuster Review Your Case

When you meet with your Florida public adjuster for the first time, you may be a bit suspicious. People wonder why these public adjusters work on a contingency basis. The truth is that they may have the ability to get the insurance company to pay. They have a history of working these sorts of cases and won’t back down from the big players. Call today and get your free estimate.

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