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Theft could be a devastating occurrence for homeowners. Therefore, having the right homeowners’ insurance policy is essential. In the unfortunate event of break-ins, getting in touch with the police is vital. Subsequently after that is your insurance company. 

The home contains immense monetary values and lots of personal property. Hence, your typical homeowner’s insurance has policies for personal items. Loss resulting from theft is under personal property protection. Consequently, if a thief breaks into your home, homeowner insurance like Dwelling coverage, coverage for property, etc. should cover it. While the property is away from home, there are certain limitations. The limitations are set as a percentage of the total dwelling coverage. That is to say, it shows how much your insurance provider reimburses you. There is optional coverage for brand new items to repair or replace victim’s belongings.


Structure insurance coverage helps pay for separate structures repair due to peril (or pandemic e.g Covid) rather than a break-in. If your garage gets hit during a security breach or car theft, structure coverage covers repair but tools are not inclusive.

Personal property coverage could replace stolen items.

  • If you have replacement cost coverage on products, your insurer will pay you the cost to replace at today’s value. Certain pieces of stuff, like jewelry, silverware, etc., may have lower sub-limits. For instance, if jewelry coverages quote for $1000 on high-value belongings, you get up to the sub-limit, and the rest comes from you. It may help if you consider contacting your insurance agent to avoid error. 
  • Homeowners’ insurance coverage does not extend to damages or thieving. In addition, it sometimes excludes living expenses. You’re only sure of an auto insurance policy with comprehensive coverage. If items are stolen out of the vehicle, you can make an insurance claim. 
  • Standard homeowners insurance policies cover personal belongings if they are stolen inside or outside your home. However, be sure it’s Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost Value (RCV)].
  • Like a spouse or kids, other people under a homeowners policy are safe in the event of a break-in. 



When home insurance policy does not cover you

  • Unreported cases – home insurance covers only cases with legal report or experience. 
  • Burglary by a named insured – if you stage a robbery, don’t file a theft claim. It is trouble for you.  
  • You live in another place- if you’ve been away from the residence for more than two months, your claim may be invalid. 
  • Business equipment like watercraft, vehicles, and furnishings not under your care.

Many companies generously offer various plans. It would be best if you compare your requirement and budget before opting for any. For accurate information, visit the company’s website, with a valid user id or get a quote from the menu. You may want to read related articles on insurance insurance. Remember that your future need is the most critical factor. 


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