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When you purchase your home, you have to buy homeowner’s insurance. In this day and age, almost every person has fire insurance on their home. If you have a mortgage, you’re required to do so. Plus, it’s a good idea. No matter how careful you may be, there’s always a chance that you could suffer an electrical fire in Florida at your home.

One of the most common causes of a house fire is an electrical fire. There are close to 30,000 electrical fires in this country every year. The problem with these electrical fires in Florida is that there’s no way to know they’re going to happen. The best thing you can do is take all the necessary steps to prevent a fire. But, if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer a fire in your home, you’ll need to file an insurance claim. While you can certainly do this on your own, it may be a good idea to call and talk to a fire damage public adjuster in Florida before you do anything.

The Best Way to Prevent an Electrical Fire

If you own a home, you need to take every step to prevent an electrical fire in Florida. Even if you just rent, you want to make sure you keep your family and personal property safe. There are a few things you need to do to prevent an electrical fire in your home. This includes:

  • Have an annual inspection done. If you rent your property, then you are used to the Fire Marshall coming in every year to perform an inspection. This should be done if you own your home as well. It takes about fifteen to thirty minutes. But, it can prevent thousands of dollars in fire damage. It can also save the lives of both you and your family.
  • Make sure you don’t have too many items plugged into any one outlet. Some people think that it’s perfectly safe to use power strips. This may be true, but you don’t want to overload these cords.
  • Do not use paper lampshades. Many lamps come with these shades. It is not a good idea to use them. They get hot in a matter of seconds and can cause a serious fire.

Contact a Property Damage Adjuster in Florida

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a house fire, make sure you contact an experienced property damage public adjuster in Florida right away.

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