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A lot of people think that hurricane damage adjusters only work during hurricane season. That isn’t the case. It can take months to resolve your hurricane damage insurance claim. By the time you’re done going back and forth with the insurance company, it can be months or even a year. Usually, this means that they’re giving you a hard time about approving your claim.

You could still be waiting to get your claim paid from the last hurricane season. If your house was damaged during a storm, you have a right to be compensated. Sometimes, it takes having an experienced hurricane damage adjuster in Florida review your insurance claim. They may see something you’re not seeing. Or, they may notice that the insurance adjuster is citing a clause on your contract that is unconscionable or illegal in Florida. The only way to know for sure is to talk to a hurricane damage adjuster right away.

Why Could Your Hurricane Insurance Claim Be Denied or Delayed?

If you don’t work in insurance, you probably don’t understand how strict the insurance adjusters can be. They deny claims for all sorts of reasons. Maybe you didn’t submit the necessary paperwork. Or, you could have been late on a payment or two and they’re telling you that your policy lapsed. You won’t really know until you talk to your hurricane damage adjuster in Florida.

These adjusters usually spend years working in the insurance industry. They see how many homeowners are taken advantage of and set out to help them. And they know the ins and outs of how a claim is approved or denied. They won’t let the insurance adjuster take advantage of you.

Is it Time to Call a Florida Hurricane Damage Adjuster?

Maybe you’ve been fighting with the insurance company for months to get your claim paid. It can be more than frustrating. No matter what you say or do, they seem to find another reason why they should deny your claim. In the meantime, you’re paying to fix your house out of pocket. Nobody can afford to do that. And, even if you can, you shouldn’t have to.

This is why you should call and talk to one of our experts today. They can tell you the truth when it comes to getting your claim paid.

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