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Anyone who lives in Florida knows that summer is the time for hurricane season. More than a dozen tropical storms and hurricanes are slotted to hit the Sunshine State this year. In fact, experts have actually said that it will end up being much worse than they originally forecasted. This means that there’s a much higher chance that you’ll need to talk to a hurricane damage public adjuster in Florida this year.

In early August, the east coast was treated to the demolition and damage caused by Hurricane Isaias. It didn’t matter where you lived – if you were near the ocean, you were going to experience a ton of damage and destruction. The scary thing is that weather experts predict that this is only the tip of the iceberg. More storms are on their way and they will make Hurricane Isaias look minor.

If you’ve suffered any sort of storm destruction, you should call and talk to an experienced Florida public adjuster. They can help make sure your insurance claim is filed properly. They’ll also fight to make sure you get every penny you deserve.

What Kind of Damage is Caused in a Florida Hurricane?

Even if you’re new to Florida, you should still have an idea of what kind of damage a hurricane can cause. Even a tropical storm can leave you with thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in damages. Some of the more common problems caused by a hurricane include the following:

  • Roof damage
  • Fallen or damaged trees
  • Power outages
  • Water damage
  • Flooding
  • Broken windows
  • Personal property destruction

Your hurricane damage public adjuster can help you make a list of these problems to give to the insurance company. They can also help you get an appraisal done so you put in a claim that will cover all of your repairs.

Call and Talk to Our Experienced Florida Public adjusters Today

If you’ve suffered significant damage to your home this season, call our office right away. You need to talk to an experienced hurricane damage public adjuster so they can take a look at your property. They’ll make sure the insurance company takes you seriously. They’ll also make sure you get the money you need to fix your home. Call our office today and set up your free estimate. We can come out to your office and maintain a safe distance when appraising the damage to your home.

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