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We’re heading into the heart of hurricane season in Florida. With the number of storms Florida gets in the summer months, it can take a lot longer to get your claim resolved. If you find out that your claim was denied for some reason, you should call a hurricane damage adjuster in Florida. They can review your claim and see why it was denied. If it was denied because you took too long to file the claim, they’ll see what they can do. They’ll reach out to the adjuster and see if they can negotiate payment of your claim. To get started, you’ll want to call and talk to one of our Florida public adjusters today.

August is the Peak Time for Hurricanes in Florida

Most people in Florida know that August is the worst month when it comes to hurricanes. But there are still plenty of hurricanes in June and July. If your home is hit with an intense hurricane, you’re going to need help. You want to get your insurance claim filed immediately so you can get your insurance check and get your home fixed.

Can a Florida Public Adjuster Get Your Claim Paid?

If it’s been months and your claim still hasn’t been paid, you should talk to an experienced Florida public adjuster. You should have resolved your claim by now. Let your adjuster call and find out what the holdup is. They’ll do their best to get your claim paid right away. They’ll also review the damage to your house so they can make sur they get you as much money as possible.

Reach Out to a Hurricane Damage Adjuster in Florida

If you suffered severe damage to your home because of a recent hurricane, you should’ve filed a claim immediately. If your claim was denied for some reason, then it’s time to call a hurricane damage adjuster. They can come out and assess the damage. They can also review the reason for your denial. If they feel your claim should’ve been paid, they’ll offer to handle your case. If they think your claim is going to be denied again, they’ll let you know. They’ll be honest with you, so you don’t get your hopes up for nothing. The best thing to do is to call a hurricane damage adjuster in Florida and request your free estimate.

(954) 430-7333