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Kitchen fires are the number one cause of all home fires across the US, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). When you have an environment where an open flame is close to grease and fats, a moment of carelessness can cause a disaster. In other cases, you may have a kitchen fire no matter how careful you are, due to malfunctioning cooking equipment. When such unfortunate events occur, you should rely on fire damage adjusters to help you file and negotiate your insurance claim.

Although fire damage is on the list of covered events of any homeowners’ policy insurance, you should not face the process of evaluating the loss and negotiating the claim on your own. Insurance companies will never be 100% fair with you and will try to reduce your claim by any means.

What Are the Main Challenges of Filing a Fire Insurance Claim?

The first aspect that the insurance company will want to know is whether the fire started accidentally, or it was a case of arson. This can cause a big delay to actually get paid and being able to start repairing your damaged kitchen.

Also, the insurer will send their own adjuster to examine the damage and assess the value of your losses. At this point, you should also have your own fire damage adjusters present to make a parallel assessment.

The Importance of Having an Assessment Done by Fire Damage Adjusters

Rebuilding a kitchen damaged by fire can cost anywhere between $15,000 and $35,000. For high-end kitchens, this cost can go as high as $150,000. But how likely is it to recoup this money from the insurance company?

The answer is – very little, unless you have your own professional assessment prepared by experienced fire damage adjusters. Here is what may go wrong if you rely on the assessment prepared by the insurance adjuster:

  •       Severe damage requiring complete replacement listed as cosmetic damage
  •       Not checking for damage to wiring and plumbing in the walls
  •       Expensive appliances listed at the price of cheap replacements.

Hire Fire Damage Adjusters to Help You Maximize Your Claim Amount!

A public adjuster is equally experienced and trained as an insurance adjuster. The difference is that fire damage adjusters work for you, protecting your best interest. For an affordable fee, deducted out of your claim amount, you can get the fair settlement you deserve from your insurance claim.

Contact us and let us help you file your kitchen fire claim successfully!

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