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When a homeowner needs to file a claim for damage to property, there is one very simple reality to face.  There are two teams, see? There’s the policyholder’s team. And then, there’s the insurance company’s team. The homeowner’s team, obviously, is playing for every penny the policy entitles it to. The company’s team, in contrast, is trying to pay out as little as possible to the policyholder. That’s where public adjusters pay off. Game on. Except it’s not schoolyard dodgeball. It’s real damage and real money. Very real money, too, in many cases. Here’s the rest of that must-face reality: the insurance company doesn’t want a fair game. They want an unfair game, to their advantage. And, to be sure, when a homeowner is the only person on the homeowner team, the game is very unfair, indeed.


The insurance company team fields a virtual army of highly trained, experienced, and expert adjusters. These people know the policies inside and out, backward and forwards. They are backed by a corporate database, house lawyers, and share tactics and strategies. This team is on the field every day, all day. It’s what they do. Success, for them, is measured by how little they pay out to policyholders. Like all Americans, they want very much to succeed in their careers.


A policyholder taking the field alone against Their Team – well, the balance of power is obvious. It does not favor the policyholder. It’s generally his or her first rodeo, or close to it.  A one-person rookie team against major league pros. That’s why we want to join the policyholder’s team. Make it Our Team. In our experience, consistent with media reporting, the insurance payouts we get average about twice as much as individuals get when they do-it-yourself.  The reasons for our effectiveness are not secret or mysterious. After all, we’re in the same business as Their Team is. Hence, we know everything they know.  Moreover, we, too,  have the systems and knowledge assets to back us up. The difference is, we play for the other side. For the policyholder.


Think of it this way: if the IRS were coming at you, wouldn’t it be great to have former IRS agents on your team? The role Florida Loss Public Adjusters plays is very similar. We know in each case what a policyholder’s full entitlement is under the terms of the policy. We also know exactly how the company adjusters will try to reduce that amount. Moreover, and most importantly, we know how to defeat those tactics.


Our fee, written into Florida law, is 20% of the amount we recover for a client. Therefore, we are highly motivated to recover the maximum amount due. Since that’s often about twice what the client would get acting on his or her own –well, do the math.  There are two teams: Their Team, and Our Team. It pays to be on our team.    
(954) 430-7333