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When the time comes, and you will need some help with the home insurance claim process, it is best to know who you should call for help. An insurance claims adjuster can guide you through the system, but did you know that there are different types of insurance adjusters? There are public adjusters and independent adjusters. The roles may be confused with each other, but there is a difference. It is best to know the responsibilities of each. With this, you can have the best person by your side through these stressful times.

The Difference Between a Public and an Independent Adjuster


What does an insurance adjuster do?

An insurance adjuster helps you with the negotiation of the insurance claims process. When you file a claim, you or the insurance company will call an adjuster to do some investigative work.

They will gather information on how the damage happened and find a fair price for the cost of the damage. Adjusters can interview people and look into police reports and incident photos to get a scope of the situation.


What is a public adjuster?

Public insurance adjusters work for the benefit of the insurance policyholder, not the insurance company. Claimants, like you, hire a public adjuster when you need assistance in filing a claim or if you think that the claim offered by your insurance company is unfair.

A public adjuster is an expert in negotiating and adjusting insurance policies because they typically have prior experience in construction or a related field. With this, a public adjuster can independently look into your property loss and help you get the most out of your claim.


What is an independent adjuster?

Insurance companies hire independent adjusters to handle claims for them on a freelance or consulting basis. An independent adjuster is not an employee of the insurance carrier but is under an independent adjusting firm.

When there aren’t any staff adjusters available, independent adjusters work for the insurance company when they don’t have an employee within another area, an adjuster with experience in a certain specialty, or the availability to take on more claims. Because independent adjusters operate for the insurance industry business, they are not allowed to adjust a claim on behalf of the policyholder.


Hire Expert Public Adjusters

With the difference between independent and public adjusters clarified, you should know which one you should reach when you file a claim. Public insurance adjusters will work alongside you to make sure insurance companies don’t take advantage of your inexperience.

Whether the damage is caused by a hurricane, flood, fire, or tornado, public adjusters like Florida Loss Public Adjusters will help you navigate through your insurance policy claims process as simple as possible.

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