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Significant roofing damage after a great storm can be a devastating surprise for Florida homeowners. When left unrepaired, it can cause a problem. It’s a good thing that a standard homeowner insurance policy covers roof repairs when damaged.

You can file a claim if your roof gets broken from acts of nature or a sudden accident. With this, how will you know if your roofing destruction is qualified for insurance assistance?


How do I know if my roof has storm damage?

Wind damage to the roof can cause shingles to blow off the deck and lead to leaking. Hail damage can cause an indentation to your roof. You’ll usually see missing and broken shingles and roof leaks as a sign of roofing damage. 


How do insurance adjusters determine roof damage?

Before looking through the damages, an experienced Florida public adjuster will look for these different elements to factor in with your claims process:

  • Age of the roof
  • Proper roof installation
  • Clear signs of damage inside and outside

Once they have considered the situation of your roofs, the insurance adjuster will look for damages to your roof. They will most likely look for:

  • Lifted or sunken shingles
  • Chimney cracks
  • Missing screws on vents
  • Fastened gutters

These are only some of the considerations public adjusters look for when inspecting your roof damage. 


Tips for Filing Roofing Insurance Claims for Storm Damage

Insurance claims can be a big help to get your life back on track. To maximize your compensation, here are a few tips:


As soon as the hurricane passes and you’ve inspected that there’s roof damage, take action and don’t postpone filing for a roof claim. Insurance claims caused by storms tend to have a time limit.

Do emergency repairs

Mitigate storm destruction by making immediate repairs such as putting a tarp on the roof; to temporarily stop leaking. By taking care of the problem temporarily, you will avoid further damages that can cause you more expenses.

Document the damages

Before clearing up the damages, be sure you properly take photos and videos of the situation. It’s also best if you can narrate what happened while taking a video. Having the right amount of proof can help the insurance company accept your claim.

Hire a contractor from roofing companies

A contractor from a roofing company can give you a roof repair estimate on how much you have to spend for your new roof replacement or roof repair. It is needed before you make a claim.


Hiring a public adjuster in Florida and not from your insurance company will make sure that the insurance compensation you get is fair. When you work with roofing contractors and a public adjuster, you can get the best deal possible for your roof insurance claim. 

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