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When you suffered damage to your house due to an event covered by your homeowner’s insurance, the first natural step is to file and submit your claim. You have paid all your premiums on time, so you are certain that the insurer will also pay your claim without objections. Unfortunately, in the experience of a Florida public adjuster, the course of an insurance claim is far from smooth.

Insurance firms are for-profit companies. Their business model relies on selling as many insurance policies as possible and paying as few claims as they can. Your champion in the effort to get a fair payout is a Florida public adjuster. They will work to negotiate with the insurance company at the highest professional level.

Meanwhile, here are some very helpful tips to help you prepare your claim with maximum accuracy:

Keep an Inventory of Your Belongings

After a fire, a hurricane or a burglary it is extremely difficult to know exactly what was damaged or stolen. You are in distress and may miss something very valuable, such as a family heirloom or a designer item. For this reason, your Florida public adjuster advises you to create an inventory of your belonging just in case, before a disaster strikes.

If you do not know how to do this, use this simple template provided by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulations.

Take as Many Photos and Videos of the Damage as Possible

Documenting the aftermath of the disaster is crucial. It is important to resist the natural impulse of straightening out and cleaning your damaged home. Take your smartphone and photograph everything. You should also make a walkthrough video. This should be taken both outside and inside the home. Do not leave out any area or any sign of damage, no matter how insignificant.

The Florida public adjuster will rely on these pieces of evidence to evaluate your damage. They will then prepare the Scope of Loss and determine the fair value of your claim.

Do Not Speculate on the Causes or the Extent of the Damages

Finally, when you are face to face with the insurance adjuster who comes to evaluate the damages, only state the simple facts you know. Do not offer any ideas or potential scenarios that may have caused the damage. Do not speculate on the overall damage to your belongings.

Most importantly, do not accept a quick settlement. A Florida public adjuster can help you get a fair payout, which will cover most if not all of the repair and replacement costs.

Remember that many of our public adjusters used to work for insurance companies and know exactly how they act. Call us now and let us handle your claim and make sure you get paid an amount of money that helps you rebuild your life!

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