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We have already explained how difficult it is to file cast iron pipes claims in Florida in previous posts. This is why we believe that prevention is better than the cure. In this article, we will detail the signs that indicate your cast iron pipes are about to break down.

This will allow you to prepare a budget for the replacement of old pipes, before your house is flooded. And you are faced with a huge unplanned expense to repair the damages. Taking preventative action will also allow you to not have to hassle with the insurance company over the amount of money you should get for cast iron pipe claims.

The top signs that you have old and unreliable cast iron pipes are:

Strange Water Color

Tap water should be completely limpid and transparent. If you notice a rusty or brownish color, it means that the pipes are corroded. This means that the water is no longer safe to drink. Any kind of water contamination can lead to serious health problems, from vomiting and fever to kidney failure, according to the EPA.

Foul Odors

If you detect a foul odor around the house, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, it is likely caused by old and damaged pipes. You should not ignore this issue. It is not just an inconvenience. Soon, you may be faced with a flooded house and the need to file cast iron pipe claims.

Green Patches in the Yard

Grass is greener if it is well watered. Undoubtedly, you are taking care of your front yard and back garden. However, any Florida public adjuster can tell you that if you see patches of especially lush green grass, it means that a pipe is leaking underground.

Mold Patches

Mold is a serious health problem, and quite difficult to get insurance companies to pay for remediation works without the assistance of an experienced Florida public adjuster. If you notice mold patches in the basement or on the walls through which your pipes run, you definitely have leaky cast iron pipes.

Backups and Slow Drains

A house flooding requiring you to file cast iron pipe claims is usually preceded by issues such as sinks backing up or draining very slowly. Also, using household cleaners for clogged pipes will make the matter worse. They contain harsh chemicals which will further damage the cast iron pipes.

If Disaster Strikes, You Can Count on an Experienced Florida Public Adjuster

If you cannot act before it is too late and your house is flooded by a broken cast iron pipe, do not despair. Contact us as soon as possible. Let us help file cast iron pipe claims successfully!

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