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One of the first questions a lot of homeowners have about a public adjuster in Florida is how they can help. If you submit a claim to your homeowner’s insurance company, there’s a good chance it will be paid. Most smaller claims are paid because it’s cheaper for the company to pay it than it is to fight it. However, insurance companies can’t afford to pay out every claim they receive.

Often times, the insurance public adjuster will deny your claim for a legitimate reason. Or, at least it seems legitimate to them. They may deny your claim for any of the following reasons:

  • An insurance public adjuster may not believe any damages were suffered
  • They don’t believe you mitigated damages as required by your policy
  • You have a history of submitting fraudulent or multiple claims

If this happens, you should really call and talk to a public adjuster in Florida. They can help get your claim paid.

They Know How the Insurance Companies Work

Most public adjusters in Florida at one time worked for big insurance companies. They know what tactics the adjusters use to deny your claim. In fact, they used to do the same thing. After years of becoming frustrated with the process, they go out on their own. They’re determined to help homeowners like you get the compensation you deserve.

Because they know how the insurance companies work, Florida public adjusters know how to jump through the hoops it takes to get paid. They know how to properly appraise your lost items. They also know how to prove that the damage to your home is recent and not stagnant. They’ll negotiate with the insurance companies to get your claim paid.

They Are Only Paid if Your Claim is Paid

The good thing about hiring a public adjuster is that they only get paid if they get your claim paid. You don’t pay a separate fee for their services. They get a percentage of the total amount paid. So, if your claim for $5,000 is paid as a result of your public adjuster’s hard work, you’ll pay a percentage of that $5,000 to them.

However, had you not hired a public adjuster, your claim will have remained denied and you’ll receive nothing. So, in a way, you have nothing to lose. Any money your public adjuster gets you is found money.

(954) 430-7333