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When you buy your new house, you sign a ton of paperwork. If you have a mortgage, then you know you’re required to carry homeowner’s insurance. Even if you own your house outright, you will want to have this insurance in case something happens to your home. The last thing you’d want to do is have a fire or hurricane and find out you have to pay for all the damage on your own.

Florida public adjusters understand that many policies have certain rules regarding Acts of God. While you may think you know what this means, it’s important that you fully understand the term. If you own property in Florida, there’s a good chance that, at some point, you’ll need to file a homeowner’s claim. Whether it’s damage from a hurricane or personal property that was stolen or destroyed in a burglary, you’ll need to seek reimbursement from your insurance company.

Fire damage adjusters understand how important the distinction of a natural disaster really is. If your house catches on fire, the first thing the insurance company is going to look at is the cause. Depending on their investigation, your claim may be denied. This is why you’ll want to talk to a Florida fire damage public adjuster sooner rather than later.

Was Your House Fire the Result of an Act of God?

Whether or not your fire damage claim is paid in Florida may depend on how it’s classified. When it comes to an Act of God, the general rule is that natural disasters are an act of God. Anything else will not fall under this category. For example, if lightning strikes your house and it catches on fire, it will be deemed an Act of God. If, however, your electrician does shoddy work, it will not be considered an Act of God. The same is true if you have an accidental fire in your home.

It’s important that you know what your policy says about Acts of God and other fires. You don’t want to find out after the fact that your claim won’t be paid.

Contact an Experienced Fire Damage adjuster in Florida Right Away

If you experience a house fire, you need to talk to a skilled fire damage public adjuster in Florida right away. They can review your claim and let you know why your claim wasn’t paid. They can also negotiate with the insurance company to get your claim paid.

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