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The Sunshine State has one big problem that affects Floridians’ daily life: a large proportion of homes still have old cast iron pipes that keep breaking down. Having reached the end of their lifespan, these pipes cause floods in Floridians’ homes, leading to a high number of cast iron pipe claims.

An experienced Florida public adjuster can help you file such a claim successfully and assist you during the entire process of obtaining the fair payout you deserve. But, first of all, why are there so many unreliable pipes under Florida homes and why is the problem more serious in our state than elsewhere?

Cast Iron Pipe Claims Are Related to the Large Number of Older Homes

Florida is one of the most popular US states for its beaches, sunny weather and opportunities to practice maritime sports. This is not a new trend, but an enduring one for decades, as any Florida public adjuster can explain.

This means that many current residents live in older homes – built before 1975. Of course, that is not an issue per se. A well-built house can last for several lifetimes. However, pre-1975 Florida houses have cast iron plumbing, because that was the most popular material for pipes in those times. And this is the first part of the exploding number of cast iron pipe claims.

Florida Soil and Water Are Not a Good Fit for Cast Iron Pipes

The second part of the issue is that the soil and water in Florida are highly corrosive. This means that your old cast iron pipes are being corroded both from outside and from the inside. Even if there were no other problems, this aspect alone contributes to the breakdown of the plumbing under your home and the need to file cast iron pipe claims.

What to Do If You Notice Flooding in Your Home?

Before you file a claim, you need to document the damage (photos, videos) and to know exactly what your homeowners’ insurance policy covers. This Bill of Rights explains your rights and obligations as a policyholder.

Despite having the law by your side, you should not open a claim on your own, but hire an experienced Florida public adjuster to help you:

  • Assess the damage
  • Prepare your claim
  • Negotiate your payout.

Our public adjusters have extensive experience in cast iron pipe claims and can help maximize the amount you receive from your insurer.

Contact us and let our specialists help you recover financially from the damages caused by broken cast iron pipes!

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