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Any Floridian, who knows their rights, relies on their homeowner’s insurance when disaster strikes. Whether you’ve got a burst copper pipe, a fire or a burglary, you believe that your insurance company will keep their part of the deal and pay the compensation you need. In reality, many homeowners contact a Florida public adjuster because their insurer denied their claim.

These people are shocked and in disbelief, because they thought they had done everything by the book. They were up to date with their insurance premiums. They notified their insurer of the covered event. And they filed the claim form. However, upon closer inspection, the Florida public adjuster noticed some of the problems that may have caused the denial. They are:

Misunderstanding of Technical Terms

As part of the claim process, the insurance adjuster will interview the homeowner and ask various questions concerning the incident that caused the damages. They often use legal terms or the jargon of the insurance industry, which the average person does not know.

For this reason, you should have a Florida public adjuster with you from the very beginning. They know the exact meaning of these terms and will explain them to you in simple words.

Illegal Exclusions

Insurers do not always play by the rules. If they believe they can get away with it, adjusters may cite exclusions from coverage to either deny your claim or reduce the amount they have to pay.

Any reputable Florida public adjuster can tell you if the respective exclusion is not legal and whether the damage should be included in the scope of loss. Do not give up if your claim is denied by reason of exclusion. In fact, if you identify any sign that your claim may be denied, contact a public adjuster as soon as possible.

Missing Documents

When you file an insurance claim, the insurer will ask for various documents, such as proof of ownership for damaged items and documents that state their value. In some cases, homeowners either do not have them or miss the deadline for sending them. Thus, their claim gets denied.

However, whatever the reason may be for your claim being denied, you should get in touch with a Florida public adjuster. In most cases, we can overturn denied claims and win the compensation amount you need to repair your home and replace your damaged belongings.

We know how insurance companies work and how to negotiate with them, so contact us as soon as possible!

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