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If you’ve suffered a fire in your home, nobody knows how you feel. Not only have you lost your home – or a part of it- but you’ve lost your sense of comfort. Nobody ever expects to wake up in the middle of the night to find their home engulfed in flames. When this happens, it changes your life forever. You may have lost family heirlooms and sentimental items. You may have lost all of your furniture and personal possessions. So, the last thing you want to hear from the insurance company is that your claim has been denied.

There are several reasons why this could happen. The insurance company may think the fire was caused by arson. Or they may think you exaggerated the amount of damage caused by the fire. For some reason, insurance companies assume that, because you can still live in your home, it couldn’t have suffered all that much damage. They don’t realize that part of your home may be destroyed. They have no idea what you’ve lost. The least they can do is believe that you lost the items included on your fire damage claim in Florida.

If this doesn’t happen, you need to contact an experienced public adjuster in Florida.

How Can a Public adjuster Help?

There’s one thing about public adjusters that you may not know. Most of them worked for the big insurance companies at some point in their career. They know the games they play. They also know what the insurance companies’ policies are. They’ll work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve. Let them negotiate with the insurance company while you work on recovering your life.

Contact a Florida Public adjuster to Appeal Your Denied Fire Damage Claim

If your fire damage claim has been denied, you should contact an experienced public adjuster in Florida. They can review your claim and let you know if you have a valid dispute. Depending on the reason for the denial, they may be able to negotiate payment of your claim. Worst case, they may be able to get you a partial payment. Call today and schedule your free estimate. Let one of our Florida public adjusters come out and take a look at the damage to your home. They’ll let you know if they can get you the money you deserve.

(954) 430-7333