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Water Damage Claims

Water Damage can cause extensive damage to your home, business or complex. Making sure you collect for every item is critical, as you rely on this money to put your home, business, or complex back to its’ pre-loss condition.

It's important to know that insurance companies are real businesses, with real profits and losses. When it comes to Water Damage claims, insurance companies may opt to clean or repair your damaged items like carpet or cabinets. We represent YOU; the policyholder, and we may see it necessary to replace your items as opposed to cleaning or repairing. Let Florida Loss Public Adjusters represent you. "We’re YOUR Insurance Adjuster"!

Water damage in the corner of a ceiling which has opened up from broken pipe
Shower with water damage around a assistance handle

There are many causes of Water Damage:

Our professionals have adjusted thousands of claims over the years. Let our trusted team use their experience to help you too.

  • Pipe burst: Usually occurs in the wall or underground
  • Pipe leak: Usually occurs under a sink
  • A/C leak: Usually caused from overflowing drip pans or leaky hoses
  • Hose leak: Usually occurs from a ruptured dishwasher hose, washing machine hose, or refrigerator line
  • Sewer line backup: Usually resulting in overflowing water and/or waste into the home or business
  • Hot Water Heater leak: This is a common occurrence as old water heaters tend to rust and leak from the bottom of the unit
  • Roof Leak: Roof leaks are very common in South Florida, but many times the roof itself may not be covered. However, what may be covered is the damage that occurs inside the home or business once the water gets inside
  • Underground pipe break: Many cast iron pipes are approaching their lifespan and are breaking, which causes water to backup into the home

Let Florida Loss Public Adjusters handle your Water Damage Claim!

NO RECOVERY, NO FEE. You have NOTHING to lose.

How we will help:

  • If you haven’t reported your claim, we will do so on your behalf. If you have reported your claim, we will notify your carrier that our adjusters have been assigned to your claim, and that they are to deal directly with us from this point forward.
  • We will schedule a meeting with the Insurance Company’s adjuster to meet us at the property to review the loss. If the adjuster has already been there, we will create our own estimate of damages, and ask the adjuster to re-visit the property to discuss the loss with us.
  • After meeting at the property and providing OUR estimate to the insurance adjuster, we will continue to negotiate until we have reached the best possible settlement. This may require several more visits, and possibly performing an appraisal using a neutral umpire. We will handle any additional meetings, and you are NOT required to be present.
  • Once we negotiate the best possible settlement, we will review the settlement offer with you, for your approval.
  • If you are displaced, or if have a loss of business revenue, we can even help you with the reimbursement (if you have the additional coverage).

Why Should You Hire the Florida Loss Public Adjusters team?

  • We have the experience and knowledge needed to handle almost any size water loss claim.
  • Most of the adjusters that represent Florida Loss Public Adjusters are FORMER insurance company adjusters. Therefore, our public adjusters know how the insurance adjuster might perceive each claim. Additionally, by adjusting in both sides of the industry, our public adjusters often know of the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim-this can make negotiating easier.
  • Our adjusters are extremely familiar with all types of Florida insurance policies, and are even familiar with the Florida Statutes that may supersede many insurance policies.
  • Our knowledge in policies, statutes, and coverage, help us to negotiate the absolute best possible settlement for your loss. We’ll even look for hidden damages that might increase your settlement.
  • We are a full-time Public Adjusting Company, with full time public adjusters. Public Adjusting is our ONLY business, and all we do is handle insurance claims each and everyday. Our knowledge and experience will benefit each and every client. We not only take away the claim stress, but also maximize your recovery.
  • Our office is open 8-5, Monday through Friday, but we also have after hours service 24/7.

Our Goal:

To take the stressful insurance claim process off your shoulders

To maximize your claim recovery and get you every penny you’re entitled to receive for your Water Damage Claim

Call our office and speak to one of our knowledgeable public adjusters today

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