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Fire and Smoke Damage Claims

Has your Residential or Business property suffered Fire Damage and/or Smoke Damage?

Residential home fully engulfed in flames
Woman devastated by loss of home holding hands on head

Fire claims have complicated factors that determine the outcome of a settlement, and it is not recommended to try to settle such a complex claim on your own.

Don't fight a fire damage claim on your own

Fires cause over 10 billion dollars in damage every year, and these claims are usually complex with many factors determining the outcome of your settlement. Don’t try to settle a complex Fire Damage or Smoke Damage claim on your own. When dealing with Fire Claims, the insurance company may choose to clean or REPAIR items damaged by fire.

As YOUR insurance adjuster, we may choose to have these items simply REPLACED. We want to get you back to your pre-loss condition. Many times we do not agree that items can adequately be cleaned or repaired. Florida Loss Public Adjusters represents you. You need us in your corner!

We will handle your fire claim from start to finish. You’ll have many other things to deal with, and handling your own claim shouldn’t be one of them. We know exactly how to estimate your loss, and negotiate your damages and additional living expenses. We’ll get you properly paid so you can put your property, and your life, back together.

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