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You come back home to find everything in a state of disaster. There is water everywhere, damaged carpets and furniture, puckering drywall. After you overcome the first shock, your next instinct is to call your insurance company and file a flood damage claim.

According to an experienced Florida public adjuster, this is how most homeowners end up with a denied claim. Before you file a claim, you must make sure that you actually have a valid flood claim. In this article, we will show you what you need to do in order to maximize your chances of getting the money you need for repairs from the insurance company.

A Flood Claim Is Valid If Water Came from Outside Your Home

We say that a house is flooded, regardless of the circumstances in which the disaster occurred. However, a Florida public adjuster who takes your case will want to know exactly what happened. Was there a heavy storm? Did a water main burst just in front of your house? Or do you have a leaky pipe in your home?

The fact is that, from an insurer’s point of view, a flood claim is valid if the water came into your house from outside and if a natural disaster caused it. Also, you must have a separate flood insurance policy.

What Can a Florida Loss Adjuster Do If Flooding Was Caused by a Pipe?

In some cases, the cause of flooding in your home is the fact that you still have old cast iron pipes. This is a widespread issue across the state of Florida, and many insurance companies try to fight paying for this type of claim.

However, an experienced Florida public adjuster knows exactly how insurance companies work. Many professionals started their career working for insurers and have hands-on experience with the way these companies try to minimize or deny claims.

No Matter How Hopeless Things Look, a Public Adjuster Can Help You

A flooded house means thousands of dollars in damaged walls, furniture and appliances. For some families, it means looking for shelter elsewhere until they can repair their house.

It is a stressful time. So, you are not in the best mindset to discuss with a shrewd insurance adjuster whose job is to make sure you get paid as little as possible. No matter what caused the flood (with the exception of your own negligence – forgetting to turn off the water, for instance), a Florida public adjuster can help you file your insurance claim and get paid a fair amount.

Don’t hurry up to file your claim on your own. Call us to look at the damage and understand the cause of the flooding. We help families put their life back together after a disaster. In the case of flooding, call a Florida public adjuster!

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