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Hurricanes are frequent in Florida and generations of homeowners had to deal with their outcomes. Some families are already used to helping each other in difficult times to make ends meet until the insurance company pays up. But many vulnerable homeowners have no one to rely on. Their best option in time of need is to hire a hurricane public adjuster to handle their claim.

Elderly and disabled people have limited abilities to negotiate. They desperately need any money and insurance companies rely on this to devalue their claim. Here is what a hurricane public adjuster will do in this specific case:

1. Evaluate Damages Quickly and Accurately

With a professional background as insurance adjusters, many public adjusters know exactly how to evaluate damage caused by a hurricane. They will apply the adequate procedure for documenting damages (photos and videos) as well as advise vulnerable homeowners to start mitigating their losses by starting the most urgent repairs.

At the same time, they will look over the documents provided by the client, advising if there are any missing papers or if the insurance company may request additional information from them.

2. Prepare and File the Insurance Claim

For vulnerable homeowners, filling in an insurance claim may be a daunting task. Some of them may not be able to do it due to various disabilities. Others may not have sufficient computer knowledge to download a claim form.

The hurricane damage adjuster will handle this process in a timely manner and free of errors. In general, mistakes in filling in the claim form are the most common reason why insurance companies deny claims. This means that the homeowner must prepare a new claim, file it and wait for weeks or months until it is processed.

3. Obtain a Fair Claim Amount in the Shortest Time

A hurricane damage adjuster knows how to negotiate with insurance companies. Since they are certain that the claim form is filled in correctly, they can quickly move on to the negotiation phase, determining the insurer to close the claim and pay the policyholder the due amount of money.

This is possible because public adjusters know how insurance companies work and what kind of arguments to use. When necessary, they can refer to statutes and local laws which protect consumers from predatory insurance practices.

We believe that vulnerable homeowners need a helping hand in difficult situations and we are ready to offer it. If your home was damaged, call a hurricane damage adjuster and get paid the fair amount you deserve! Contact us today!

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