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Most house fires are caused by true accidents. There could’ve been an electrical fire. An appliance could have had a defect and burst into flames. You may have even left a cigarette smoldering. In most of these instances, the insurance company will pay your fire claim. However, if they deny it because they say it was arson, you need to call a fire damage adjuster in Florida. They can review your claim and look at the investigator’s report.

It Can Take Time to Determine It Was Arson

Even if your house fire was caused by arson, they usually don’t know that right away. It can take some time for the investigator to complete his report. While you’re waiting, your insurance check will likely be held up. If this is the case, you should call a Florida public adjuster right away and find out what your options are. Most people don’t have the kind of money to make these repairs out of pocket. They count on their insurance policy to cover this. That’s why you pay premiums every year.

It All Depends on What Your Policy Says

Whether your claim will be paid depends on what your policy says. Some policies are strict when it comes to arson. They may need to wait until the investigation is complete so they can rule out your involvement in the fire.  The problem is that almost all insurance companies refuse to pay claims due to arson. So, your fire damage adjuster will have to try to prove that it was an accident. If you can prove you were not involved, the insurance company may consider making payment. But there are no guarantees.

Your Fire Damage Adjuster Will Push to Get You Paid

What will happen is the Florida public adjuster will reach out to the insurance company. They’ll find out what they’re basing their denial on. Then they’ll try to negotiate with them to get your claim paid.

Call a Florida Public Adjuster Right Away

If you’ve suffered a fire in your home, you will likely suffer substantial damage. You aren’t prepared to fight this battle on your own. Call a fire damage adjuster in Florida and let then review your claim. You can request a free estimate right away so you can make sure your claim is handled properly from the start.

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