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A lot of people think that a public insurance public adjuster can only help after the fact. Once your claim has been denied or only partially paid, a Florida public adjuster can certainly help. They’ll work with you to file an appeal. They can also help get your property appraised to make sure you get every penny you deserve. However, you can also use a public adjuster in Florida to help with your initial claim. What better way to ensure that you’re treated fairly than to hire a public adjuster in the first place?

Most people don’t realize they need help until after their claim has been denied. If you pay your homeowner’s premiums, there’s no good reason why your claim shouldn’t be paid. It can be really frustrating to learn, weeks or months after you submit your claim, that it won’t be paid. Or, the insurance company tells you that they’re only paying part of your claim. Rather than wait for this to happen, just call and talk to an experienced Florida public adjuster in the first place.

You Want the Insurance Company to Take You Seriously

Like it or not, insurance companies try to take advantage of homeowners. They do it all the time. Why pay out more than they have to? If they think they can deny your claim without question, they’ll do it. Or, if they think they can get you to settle for less than the full claim, they’ll try to do that too. If they paid every claim that comes through the door, they’ll go out of business in no time.

When they see that someone has hired a Florida public adjuster, they’ll be more likely to take you seriously. They know that you have someone by your side who won’t let you be treated unfairly. This means they’ll return your phone calls and emails in a timely fashion. They’ll also make sure your claim is paid if it’s legitimate.

Call and Talk to an Experienced Florida Public adjuster Right Away

If you’ve suffered damage to your home, you’ll need to file an insurance claim. When you want to ensure that your claim is paid, call and talk to an experienced Florida public adjuster right away. If they handle your claim day one, there’s a better chance that your claim will be paid.

(954) 430-7333