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If you fail to pay your premiums on an insurance policy, the policy will either lapse or cancel. Typically, if your policy is in danger of being cancelled, the company will send you a notice or warning. If you still don’t resolve the matter, your policy will be cancelled. Once this happens, you are on your own. The insurance company isn’t going to pay a claim out on an invalid policy. A hurricane damage adjuster may be able to help depending on why your policy was cancelled. You just want to call one as soon as possible so your claim doesn’t become stale.

No Insurance Company is Going to Pay Out on a Cancelled Policy

Regardless of how large or small your claim is, it isn’t going to be paid if your policy was cancelled. For example, if your policy cancelled on June 30 and you suffered hurricane damage on July 1, your policy will not cover your losses. If you aren’t sure why it was cancelled, it’s a good idea to call a Florida public adjuster. They can reach out to the insurance adjuster and find out why it was denied. They can also check to see if the policy was cancelled by mistake.

Could it Have Been an Administrative Error?

If you know that your premiums have been paid, there’s a chance that your policy was closed in error. This is when things can become difficult. Your hurricane damage adjuster in Florida may be able to get your claim paid. However, the burden of proving the policy was valid will fall on you. This doesn’t seem fair. However, once the policy is marked closed, it’ll be very difficult to get anybody at the insurance company to respond to your calls or emails. The good news is that they won’t ignore an experienced Florida public adjuster.

Your Florida Public Adjuster Can Fight the Denial

Very rarely does an insurance claim get received, approved and paid out without issue. So many of our clients report having a very difficult time getting their claim paid. One would think the opposite would be true. If you’ve paid your premiums, you’ve held up your end of the bargain. There’s a good chance the insurance company will take you more seriously if you hire a hurricane damage adjuster. You should call today and request a free estimate.

(954) 430-7333