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A lot of people find out that their claim is denied and figure that’s the end of the story. They figure there’s nothing they can do and accept the loss. Some people pay out of pocket to replace their lost items. Others find a way to pay to get their house fixed. They don’t realize that, had they called an experienced public adjuster in Florida, they could’ve had their claim appealed.

If your insurance claim has been closed for less than three (3) years, there is a chance that you can get your claim reopened. Sometimes, the insurance companies don’t respond to individuals. However, once they see a public adjuster is involved, they change their tune. They take things a bit more seriously when they know a professional is involved.

How Can a Public adjuster Help?

If your claim was denied, that means you didn’t get any money for your repairs. The claim will be closed and sit dormant for some time. However, a public adjuster can review your claim and see if it should’ve been paid. They can even review it to see if you were entitled to more money than you received.

At any point in the next three years, you may be able to get your claim reopened. Yourpublic adjuster will reach out to the insurance company and let them know they are now handling your case. They’ll let them know that they’re going to request that your claim be reopened and reviewed. Every company is a bit different, so the exact time frame may vary from case to case.

Contact a Florida Public adjuster to See if You Can Get Your Old Claim Paid

Once your public adjuster in Florida is involved, they’ll look to see if your claim was rightfully denied. There is a chance that your claim was denied for good reason. However, if they believe your case should’ve been paid, they will file an appeal on your behalf. They’ll also check to make sure that you get all the money you’re entitled to. Call today and schedule your free estimate. They’ll come out to your house and take a look at the damage. They can also review your claim paperwork to see why it was denied or underpaid in the first place.

Let an experienced public adjuster in Florida take a look at your claim. It can make the difference between getting paid or not getting a dime.

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