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Most Homeowners Insurance Policies Cover Break-Ins

Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover losses caused by a theft or break-in. Check your policy so you can let your Florida public adjuster know if it’s supposed to be covered. If it is, then your claim should be paid. If they deny it, then you’re going to have to appeal your claim.

Make Sure You Have the Police Report

Your Florida public adjuster is going to need a copy of the police report. In order to submit your claim, you must prove that you were robbed. The best way to do that is to give them a copy of the police report. If you aren’t sure how to get one, simply go to your local police station and fill out a request. It may take a few days for them to provide it, but they are getting better at providing them electronically these days.

You’ll Need Receipts and Proof of Loss

You’re going to have to submit receipts for your stolen items. The problem is most of us don’t keep all our receipts. Once we know we aren’t going to return an item, we throw the receipt away. You may have to search credit card receipts and bank records to prove how much you paid for certain items.

Burglary Claims are On the Rise

With things being so difficult right now financially, people are more likely to get desperate. When times get tough, more people experience break-ins. People down on their luck figure they’ll rob a few houses and get some easy cash. Unfortunately, they choose your house as one of their targets. You’re going to feel violated and unsafe. While you work on getting a better security system, your Florida public adjuster will deal with the insurance company.

Speak to a Florida Public Adjuster Right Away

It can be difficult to pick up the pieces after a break-in. You’re not even concerned so much the things they stole. You just can’t believe someone violated your home in that way. Thankfully, your Florida public adjuster is worried about what they stole. They’ll help you put the proof together so you can get the compensation you deserve. The insurance company won’t reimburse you unless you can prove what was stolen. You’ll also have to prove how much the items were worth. Rather than deal with this yourself, call and talk to one of our Florida burglary claim adjuster right away.

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