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Experiencing a house fire is one of the most traumatic experiences of your life. To watch all of your earthly possessions go up in smoke is heartbreaking. To find out that your fire was the result of arson is even worse. How can someone intentionally set an innocent person’s house on fire?

If something like this happens to you, then you’re going to feel a lot of things. You’ll be upset that you’ve lost everything you’ve worked for. You’re also going to feel scared about what you’re going to do to find a new home for your family. But you’re also going to feel a lot of anger. First this anger will be directed toward the person who burned down your house. Soon that anger may be redirected toward your insurance company. If they refuse to pay your insurance claim because it was caused by arson, you need to contact a skilled fire damage adjuster in Florida.

It Takes a Long Time for the Fire Inspector to Confirm the Cause of Your House Fire

If the police suspect that your house fire was the result of arson, they’re going to call in a special investigator. They need someone to review the case who has the expertise to determine what caused the fire. While they’re doing their investigation, they may hold up any payment of your claim. In the meantime, you have no money to get your house fixed or to replace your personal possessions. Rather than continue to wait, you should call an experienced Florida public adjuster.

Your Insurance Company May Make You Wait Months or Longer

As frustrating as it may be to wait for the insurance company to complete their investigation, you may have no choice. In the meantime, your Florida public adjuster can work on getting your personal possessions appraised. They can also stay in touch with the insurance company to find out if there’s been any progress made in your case.

Call and Speak to a Skilled Fire Damage Adjuster in Florida Today

If you’re tired of getting the runaround from the insurance company, call and talk to one of our expert fire damage adjusters in Florida. Set up a time to meet with them and see if they can help move things along. Call our office and schedule your free estimate today.

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