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Most people will go through their entire lives without ever needing a Florida public adjuster. However, there are times when your insurance claim is denied. When this happens, you’re going to need help. As long as your premiums were up to date, they better have a good reason for not paying your claim. If this has happened to you, or if your insurance company is ignoring you, call our office. One of our Florida public adjusters will give you a free estimate and make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Here, we’ll talk about how your adjuster is paid and how you go about hiring one near you.

How Much of My Proceeds Will the Adjuster Take?

Some people think that Florida public adjusters are paid on a contingency basis. In a sense, this is right. When your claim is paid, you’ll have to pay your hurricane damage adjuster 20% of your claim. Some people complain that this isn’t fair. But if you think about it, your adjuster is likely going to get you money that you would never have gotten on your own. They need to be paid too. You also have to keep in mind that fact that getting 80% of a paid claim is a whole lot more than getting 100% of nothing.

This Time of Year, You May Need a Hurricane Damage Adjuster

Now that we are closing in on hurricane season, you are more likely to suffer damage to your home. This could be from rain or wind. The important thing is that you report any damage right away. You’re going to need to prove that your damage was caused by the storm. This is when it comes in handy to have a hurricane damage adjuster.

Was Your Loss Suffered During a State of Emergency?

Living in Florida, you are probably used to situations in which the Governor calls for a “state of emergency.” In situations like this, your Florida public adjuster will only demand 10%. That is what the law allows them to take in situations like this.

Call and Schedule an Appointment with a Florida Public Adjuster

If you suffered any damage to your home, you should call and talk to a Florida public adjuster. They’ll be able to look at the damage and find out why your claim was denied. The estimate is free, and you don’t pay anything until your claim is resolved.

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