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If you had a home fire, you are probably thinking about getting your claim approved as soon as possible to start the repair works. You have submitted your claim according to your insurer’s rules. And you are expecting their adjuster any moment now in order to perform the evaluation and complete the claim process. If you want to be able to start fixing your home as soon as possible, you should not wait at all. Hire fire damage adjusters to speed up this process.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not care about you or your family – only about their profit. They are using various delay tactics to minimize your claim amount. Or they postpone the moment when they actually have to pay. And one of these tactics is making you wait for weeks or months before they send an evaluator. Fortunately for you, trained fire public adjusters complete this step, and they work exclusively to protect your interests.

You Cannot Start the Repair Work before the Fire Damage Adjusters’ Evaluation

Many homeowners fall into the trap of taking photos and videos of the fire damage and believing this is sufficient proof of the extent of the damage their home suffered. However, as indicated by a report of the CDC, the biggest damage caused by a home fire is to the electrical wiring in your house.

As our fire damage adjusters will indicate in their evaluation, the walls contain most of the wiring. Thus, your photos and videos will not actually cover the full extent of the damage. However, you will only be able to see a first view. As the only proof attached to your claim it won’t show the full damage, and you will definitely get an undervalued compensation amount which will only cover a small part of the actual damages.

Fire Damage Adjusters Are Qualified to Prepare the Evaluation Report

You may wonder whether the evaluation report prepared by the fire damage adjusters will be accepted by your insurance company. The answer is definitely yes. Many public adjusters used to work for insurance companies and pride themselves on being experienced professionals in the field.

They know exactly what to look for in a home damaged by fire and how to create a professional and detailed report. More importantly, fire damage adjusters work on your behalf. They will leave nothing out and they will assign a fair value to each damaged item.

Do not wait for months to start repairing your home or risk getting an undervalued claim. Call our team of experienced fire damage adjusters and let us handle your damage assessment!

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