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When there is a fire at your home, your first instinct is to flee. But then you think of all the things that could be burned to ashes and you stop and reconsider: should I try to put it out and limit the damages?

In our experience as fire damage adjusters, the answer is: the risk is too high. In case of fire, you should listen to you first instinct: alert everyone in the house, get your children and pets and get out. Call 9-1-1 next and ask for a fire truck and do not attempt to get back in the house to retrieve any item.

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should not try to put out the fire yourself:

Modern Houses Burn Down Faster

According to highly accurate tests conducted by the Underwriter Laboratories, you have maximum 4 minutes to get out of a house where a fire started. The reason for this is that the large number of appliances and the new materials used for furniture and carpets burn at a faster rate than traditional materials.

Thus, trying to put out a fire may actually get you trapped inside a burning room that fills with toxic smoke very quickly. Nothing is more valuable than your life. Plus, fire damage adjusters will help you recover your financial losses.

The Fire Extinguisher May Not Help

Everyone has a fire extinguisher in their house. However, not everyone knows how to use it properly. Moreover, in a crisis situation, you may forget the correct procedure for using the fire extinguisher.

Advice From Your Fire Damage Adjusters

As fire damage adjusters, we always recommend following the guidelines set by FEMA for such situations:

  • Use the extinguisher only if you are trained to use it
  • Try to put out the fire only if it is small and contained (in a pan or laundry basket)
  • Give up if you cannot put out the fire in under 5 seconds
  • You have two exit ways in case you fail to put out the fire.

You Are Not Trained to Rescue a Person or Pet from a Fire

Fire brigades are continually trained to face any situation in case of fire. Plus, they wear the most advanced personal protection equipment and know how to work as a team to put out a fire, rescue people and pets and make their exit safely.

Get Help From Your Fire Damage Adjusters

Put your life and family first, and make sure you get out of the house safely in case of fire. For any financial losses you suffer, you can rely on our fire damage adjusters to negotiate a fair claim amount! Contact us today to see how we can help.

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