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In our experience as Florida public adjusters, some of the most difficult situations arise when homes are flooded. The owners rely on their basic homeowners’ insurance to cover the damages. Unfortunately, there are many flood insurance myths on various internet sites. Thus, when disaster strikes, many homeowners find out they do not really have coverage from their insurance policy. And that they have to deal with significant loss on their own.

Our mission is to help policyholders get a fair compensation for their loss from the insurance company. And a big part of our work is focused on educating our clients on insurance laws and regulations in Florida. Thus, we decided to debunk the most common flood insurance myths that our clients believed to be true.

1. The Hurricane Insurance Will Cover Flood Damage

All the Florida public adjusters working for us have heard this: We have hurricane insurance. The actual name of this type of policy is wind insurance. Thus, it will only pay for wind damage. A damaged roof? Yes, you are covered. Carpets and furniture destroyed beyond repair by water? No, they are not included in your wind insurance policy.

However, this is probably the most frequent flood insurance myths in Florida. And it leaves many families in shambles, scraping to put their life back together.

2. Flood Insurance Does Not Cover All Expenses and Losses

Many homeowners contact our Florida public adjusters expecting to get compensation. They are looking for an amount that will cover, among others:

  • Cars damaged by flood
  • The furniture in the basement
  • Damages contents of safes (foreign currencies, jewelry, other valuables)
  • Cost to rent an apartment/hotel room while the house is under repair.

In reality, flood insurance does not cover any of these damages. It also doesn’t cover damaged landscaping such as; patios, shrubs, trees, etc.

3. You Live in a Low-Risk Flooding Area

In high-risk areas, flooding insurance is mandatory. However, as many people sadly found out, almost any area in Florida and in the inland U.S. can get flooded. Our Florida public adjusters know that many flood maps are actually outdated (for instance, during Hurricane Harvey in Texas in 2017, it was found that the FEMA flood maps had not bee updated since 1983).

So, this is one of the most dangerous flood insurance myths. You are safe from floods and you do not need this type of supplementary coverage. With the climate changes we are currently experiencing, everything we knew about flood safe areas tends to become irrelevant.

Experienced Florida public adjusters can help you recover the maximum compensation possible from your insurance company. However, you also need to stop believing flood insurance myths. You also need to get proper insurance coverage for your home. Whenever you need help with a claim, we are here to assist you, so call us now!

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