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As hurricane Ida wreaks havoc through the Northeast, Florida residents are already reliving the terrible moments from the past years. And one of the bitterest memories is related to how their insurance company tried to downplay or even deny their hurricane damage claims. This is why hurricane public adjusters are here for you. They are there so that you will never have to experience this painful indignity again.

Losing your home and most of your possessions is painful enough. However, when an insurance adjuster comes to the wreck that was once your home, they put a low value on your loss. This just adds insult to the injury.

Hurricane Public Adjusters Are Experienced Professionals Representing Your Best Interests

Before you consider hiring hurricane public adjusters, you may wonder whether it’s worth the financial effort? After all, you are still unsure how much you will actually recover. Why should you pay someone else to do it? You may wonder if it will reduce the final amount you may collect?

The first thing you need to know is that a public adjuster has the same educational and work background as an insurance adjuster. Actually, many of our hurricane public adjusters used to work for big insurance companies. Over the years, they noted how unfairly policyholders were being treated after they submitted a hurricane damage claim.

Thus, they decided to offer their experience and skills to the countless residents of Florida, who pay their monthly premiums promptly. And they expect only one thing. They want to be treated fairly in their time of need.

Hurricane Public Adjusters Will Assist You Throughout The Entire Process

As you try to salvage as many items as you can, you must also consider filing a hurricane damage claim. You must make sure that you use the correct form and fill it in accurately. Any error may get your claim denied.

Moreover, experienced hurricane public adjusters will take this burden off your shoulders. After you hire us, we will take care of everything:

  • Make an accurate assessment of your loss
  • Fill in and submit your claim
  • Negotiate with the insurance company.

You Don’t Pay Us Until We Finish Negotiations

Let us now return to your biggest worry. How much you have to pay hurricane public adjusters. There are no up-front fees to burden your family budget. You have already been ravaged by the financial losses you have suffered.

However, we don’t get paid when we submit your hurricane damage claim. We don’t get paid during negotiations. Our fees come from the amount we have managed to negotiate on your behalf.

This amount is substantially higher compared to what you would have negotiated on your own. Even after we collect our fees, you will still be left with more money than what the insurer would have paid you without our intervention. Lastly, call our hurricane public adjusters! Let us file and negotiate your claim!

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