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There are claims that insurance adjusters’ jobs can be comparable to that of detectives in many ways. In an insurance company, the position of an insurance adjuster is very vital.

Most of the general public do not know the impact of an insurance adjuster in an insurance company because most of the time, their work is hardly noticed. Insurance adjusters oversee every aspect of the claims process.

Who is an Insurance Adjuster?

An insurance adjuster is also known as a claims adjuster. They investigate claims to determine an insurance company’s legal responsibility in a particular situation. They make sure that claims are legit, and they also decide a fair and appropriate amount for a claim settlement.

Insurance adjusters can be hired by your insurer, independent people, or can be hired in-house reps. Insurance adjusters work in different insurance places, like life, automobile, health, and property insurance.
Insurance adjusters help make an appropriate settlement by:

  • Assessing the destruction
  • Speaking with witness
  • Speaking with you
  • Reading reports by officials.

What an Insurance Adjuster Will Look Out For?

When a claim is submitted to an insurance company, it will be evaluated by an insurance adjuster (claims adjuster). The insurance adjuster will contact you soon after a claim has been submitted to ask you some questions and acquire more information. Fair compensation can be easily gotten if you know what an insurance adjuster looks out for when evaluating your claim.

Below is the information an insurance adjuster will look for:

1. Police Report

The first thing an insurance company will request is any police report associated with your accident. The police have to be involved or called after a serious accident. This will help you get evidence like information from eyewitnesses and photographs to submit to your insurance company.

2. Medical Records and Documents

The insurance adjuster visits the hospital and requests the medical reports with your permission. Before giving the insurance adjuster permission, first, you consult your attorney. A personal lawyer can help you prove the legitimacy of your claim. A lawyer can also help fight issues you might come upon when negotiating with the insurance adjuster.

3. Social Media

These days, this is the step the attorneys take. The attorney will print out relevant posts on social media, which will be used as exhibits in their cases. With this new way of gathering information, insurance adjusters get information that people do not censor, and use this information will be used as exhibits.


Insurance adjusters are of great importance in an insurance company. Independent adjusters do not work for insurance organizations but are usually hired by individuals, and staff adjusters work for insurance companies. It helps to have all the documents ready before meeting with your insurance adjuster as this will make the process a lot faster.

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