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It’s hard to believe, but hundreds of people are injured every year thanks to defective holiday lights. Whether you’re hanging them outside or inside, there is a chance that you could suffer a fire in your home this holiday season. If this happens, you’re going to need experienced Florida public adjusters.

What your adjuster will do is negotiate with the insurance company to get your claim paid. They’ll also work hard to get you the maximum amount of compensation. Sometimes, the public adjusters in Florida notice damages that you didn’t think to include in your claim. Or, they provide information to the insurance company that was missing from your initial claim.

How Do Florida Public Adjusters Actually Help?

When you suffer a house fire, you’re angry, hurt and frustrated. This can cloud the way you deal with the insurance company. To you, the loss is personal. To them, it’s just another day in the office.

That’s why it’s sometimes a better idea to let Florida public adjusters handle your claim from day one. They’ll reach out to the insurance company when they file your claim. They’ll also demand updates and ensure that your claim is handled properly. If it’s not, they’ll apply pressure to the insurance company.

Most public adjusters used to work for one of the larger insurance companies. They’re inspired to become a public adjuster because they see how consumers are mistreated by the big companies. They work hard to get you the money you deserve.

The other great thing about having a Florida public adjuster handle your house fire is that the insurance company will take them seriously. Like it or not, insurance companies don’t take individuals as seriously as they take lawyers and public adjusters. It’s in your best interest to hire someone who has the experience necessary to get you the money you deserve.

Contact Skilled Florida Public Adjusters This Holiday Season

The holidays can be a wonderful time of year. However, lots of people suffer house fires due to dry trees or defective lights and decorations. If this happens to you, it’s going to ruin your holiday all together. Don’t let it ruin your life as well.

Call and speak with an experienced public adjuster in Florida today. They’ll come out and provide you with a free estimate.

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