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Many home insurance policies take care of leak damages. As a result, water damage is a result of several factors. These factors include frozen pipes or faulty plumbing systems. Therefore, if you have a water damage claim, you must know a few things. It is important to understand your policy covers and what your insurance company is not responsible for. meanwhile, if you’re not sure, ask your insurer.  

Filling home insurance claims could be a daunting task.  Especially if you think of taking up the cost. Certainly, specific scenarios like gradual leaks may not be inclusive in standard policies. Since several factors can cause water damage, homeowners insurance covers a handful. Only if you experience common causes like these; 

  • Accidental discharge 
  • Accidental sewer overflow or sewer backup damage 
  • Storm-related damage 
  • Flood damage 

Firstly, your homeowner’s insurance will cover water leaks only if the cause is sudden or accidental. Gradual deterioration is not covered. Secondly, some homeowners insurance policy claims cover damages resulting from leaks. Consequently, if a pipe burst affects the fence, you may be paid the repair cost. That is to say, it is ideal to check your home insurance policy to be sure.


Something that makes a claim unsuccessful is gradual damage or a long-standing problem. As a result, this is largely due to deterioration in the home.  Above all, if you want to make sure you file water leak claims on the right grounds. The following are scenarios are not valid in a claims process; 

  • Lack of maintenance 
  • Mold and rotting (Mold remediation)
  • Foundation seepage 
  • Roof damage 
  • Hail damage 

Almost all water damage coverage excludes wear and tear coverage. Depending on your coverage limits and policy. Some policies could provide specific solutions to gradual water leak damage. Meanwhile, as you kick off the insurance claim process, consider consulting with an insurance agent or seeking a second opinion. 

Here are some tips on how to file a successful water leak insurance claim 

  • Recognize that there are several types of water damage insurance.
  • Turn off the water and document the leak. Take a lot of pictures and make videos if necessary for your water damage insurance claims. 
  • Curtail the leak and attempt repairs before you file water damage. Keep a record of the damaged items too. 
  • Get in touch with a contractor to assess the extent of damage done before you file a complaint. 
  • Make your claim for water damage. To make a successful water damage claim, be sure to have details of your policy.

Subsequently after you make a claim, the company will send an adjuster to confirm the claim. The adjuster works for insurance companies with them as contractors. If your claim is denied, contacting your insurer is next. 


(954) 430-7333